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The focus is on connecting students with Sikh History, Gurbani and the value system based on Guru Granth Sahib Ji. These classes are organized based on a child's age.


Punjabi language and Gurmukhi Script is taught using a structured curriculum to emphasize reading, writing and speaking skills. The classes are organized based on a child's current skillset and level of understanding of the language.

Creative Computing

These classes start with using Scratch to allow kids find thier creative expression. The next level introduces them to use Python to help them understand use of language constructs. The final level allows students to understand object oriented approach using Java.


The students understand advanced concepts about numbers, sets, relations and functions. The emphasis is on logical thinking, abstract reasoning, mental arithmetic and an understanding of mathematical tools.


The students explore real-world challenges using robotics kits to investigate possible solutions. The kids learn about technology, physics and sensors using hands-on experience that gets them excited about the world around them.

Arts and Crafts

The students explore their creative sides through classes using sketching, painting and different handicrafts.